My work centers around investigations of how bodies move through, become, and unbecome in contemporary physical and emotional space. I grapple with the manifestations of the non-normative body, particularly the queer female body, through object and image making; working in video, installation, and sculpture. In my studio, I create hybrid bodily forms to enact the potential of real and imagined spaces of growth, survival and becoming in a fragmented reality.

I work with bodily materials such as salt, bone meal, blood meal and horse hair contemporaneously with latex, ceramic, video displayed on monitors, building foam, or other materials to create bodies that act as complex assemblages that animate potential ways of being/becoming and also embrace the rich territory of failure, leakage, breakage and seams as inherently queer and feminized strategies of survival. I pull from queer, animal, and feminist theory and am also influenced by myth around hybrid creatures that can be appropriated and remade in a current context. The bodies I make are meant to be tricky and sticky. Something or someone that is both soft and bristly. Far away but gushing everywhere at your feet. The sensation of feeling your own body when looking at another body.